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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hello Lovelies;

Since Spring here I've been whipping out my bronzers a little more often. It isn't a step I always take and more often than not I'm naughty and completely forget about it. I have chubby cheeks so I don't contour often either. I do however, have two favourite budget bronzers, and if you have pale skin like me these will work a treat.

The good old Soap and Glory Solar Powder is a great bronzer and loved my many. This is such a lovely product that leaves your face with a bronzed glow. I'm not overally keen on the bulky packaging but I love this product too much to not have it. You do get a lighter and darker shade, but I generally swish my brush (Real Techniques Blush Brush) around and apply it to the temples/side of my forehead and along my hair line. This is a perfect powder for pale skin and it's hard to go over the top with it. It's my bronzer of choice out of the two just because it's easily applied and takes seconds. This wouldn't be good to use a contour colour as it does have some very fine shimmer to it - nothing that makes you look like you've got a glitter ball face though. This is going to be my bronzer of choice this Spring/Summer. It's so beautiful and I highly recommend trying it.

My second favourite budget bronzer is the Bourjois Bronzing Primer. Yes, I know it says bronzer and you can use it for that, but this makes for a lovely bronzer on top of your make up. I haven't used this as an all over face primer, I've only applied it in the places you'd apply bronzer and then apply my usual make up which worked really well and gives a lovely understated glow. This has been compared to the Chanel Soleil De Tan (which I've tried and sold on) though this isn't as hard and doesn't smell like chocolate. I do prefer this over Chanel as it's easier to work with. If you want to use this as a normal bronzer is brilliant. You do get more precise application and it's so amazingly blended. You can blend it so easily and get it as pale as you want. You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way. This is matte so you can use it as a contour - I've tried it and it works really well. This is a lovely product if you're looking for a mousse/cream bronzer.

I'd highly recommend getting either of these bronzers. I haven't tried The Body Shop one but I've heard people rave about it as well. I have however tried the Bourjois Chocolate bar one and it was too dark for me as well as plenty other. These two budget or not are the ones I'll be repurchasing. If you're looking for a new bronzer, give these a go. You can easily pick Bourjois from Boots and Superdrug, though the S&G is only for sale in Boots and "get Summer Ready!"

Have you tried these bronzers? What's your favourite ones?


  1. I really want to try the bourjois bronzer and the bodyshop one as well! x

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. I've wanted to try the bronzing primer for ages, I've just had no idea how I would use it! Great post :)
    Sian | http://siansbeautybook.blogspot.com

  3. Cute makeup bag!


  4. I've tried the Bourjois one and I like it for spring/summer! The S&G one is on my list to try though! Where is the little makeup bag from? It's so cute!X


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