Budget Nude Nails

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hello lovelies;

Today I'm sharing with you my favourite budget nude nail polish, and that's the Rimmel Salon Pro polish in Oh, Mr Darcy. Firsly I LOVE the name - That's important right? It comes in at around £5 which isn't too bad on the purse strings.  This is a beautiful nude shade that's pale beige with a hint of grey. It's a lovely everyday shade. You can get some more expensive polishes but none are a true dupe. Some are a bit warmer/pinker in tone, and some are a bit more grey. This is a really unique shade and is the perfect grey/beige balance.

The formulation itself is annoying. I can do my right hand perfectly - who coats for a true opaque colour though you can get away with one..My left hand comes up more streaky, though applying two coats gets rid of any streaks and it looks normal. You can kind of see the colour in the picture, though I've got white tips. For some people this could be a foundation nail polish in that it blends in with their skin tone, it's a bit too dark for me (brief Encounter is more my colour match). You do need a base coat for this colour, it has dared to chip on me when I tested without a top and base coat. A base and top coat will enhance the staying power of this lovely polish. I do love how quickly it dried and didn't smudge at all.

I don't own a lot of 'high street' branded nail polishes as I normally wear my favourite Leighton Denny ones, or a few Nails Inc. This has changed my mind about the quality of high street branded polishes and I'll give them a try again. I've been wearing this for the last few weeks (or changing up with 'Have it your grey' by Leighton Denny') and I've loved how it's gone with every outfit being a nude they normally do, and if you're looking for a signature 'bride nail polish' on a budget this would be perfect for me as I find it compliments my rings beautifully. 

I'm sure you'll see this in a favourites very soon, though the only annoying this is the formulation and it's streaky behaviour. I haven't heard a lot about the 'lycra' rimmel range.

Have you tried these polishes?
Do you like the look of Oh, Mr Darcy?


  1. what does lycra mean? feels like one?

    1. It's just because it's as shiny as lycra and more elasticated than the rest of their range. x


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