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Friday, 18 April 2014

Hello lovelies;

Today we're dabbling in the world of Multi-purpose balms/ointments. I have a few favourites of mine here to show you today - All of which have been extensively road tested. Multi-purpose balms are products that you can use on rough/dry skin (all over your body), scratches, burns, bruises etc.. You don't need to have one of these on hand, but they are very helpful.

First up is my most used and re-purchased of all 4 products - The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. This is described as a 'skin protectant.' It calms you can use this to 'soothe sun burn, rehydrate chapped lips, heal rough elbows, eye opener (See the list here) I'm not gonna lie - I do like this product a lot. I haven't tried it on all the uses, but I did used to use it as a night cream to keep my dry skin at bay. You 'used it?' The only reason I stopped was because it ran out. The tube you see above is empty. I had so many night creams I had to use them up. This is great as a hand cream as well, and it soothes any dry hands. I haven't tried it for sun burnt though. This as a dry skin cream is very good. I would use it under make up as its a bit too thick but for any other use it's perfect. This is thick but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and have a more matte finish to it so as a face cream you don't get any shiny face. 

The Lanolips 101 Ointment Balm was my saving grace when I had a cold a few weeks back. My nose was so sore and cracked. I kept this in my bag and re-applied throughout the day and my dry nasals were gone within a day.  This is described as a 'heavy duty 100% natural ointment like no other' It does say it's more for 'dry nasals, chapped lips, itchy skin and dry cuticles' it doesn't say anything about bruises, sun burn etc.. I only have the 9g size but this is perfect if you have a cold and need a heavy duty balm. It is thick to the point you need to warm it with your fingers and it has a more satin finish on your skin. Honestly I think this would come in so handy when my hayfever kicks in and needs to soothe my nose. Because it is so thick it does a great job of getting rid of dryness. 

The Weleda Skin Food is one if their oldest products and I can see why. It's been a buzz recently in the blogging world and I wasn't one to miss out of this product. This is for 'dry and rough skin' I use this as an intensive overnight skin cream. This is a thick cream, and it does leave a shiny finish to the skin and if you apply too much it can get pretty thick. It's great if you have dry skin. It's also a protectant cream in harsh weather. The smell is strong and floral. I used this on my eczema and it works so well at moisturising and protecting my skin. It's really worth the buy if you're looking for an overnight job this the best cream. I wouldn't use it in places you're applying make up as it doesn't sink in well and is shiny. It's best used when you have enough time to allow it to sink in or if you need to apply it to your nose due to soreness through a cold, hayfever etc... when you're applying it to your face, you can apply it to the rest of your body whenever you want though.

My recent favourite is the Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream. I use this on dry patches and under my eyes and any dry patches on my face (after moisturising) every morning as part of my skincare routine and also at night on my forehead and jaw line where I current have some dryness and anywhere else need extra help. Sometimes I do notice once I've moisturised that my skin needs some added boost which this gives plenty of. It dries matte and sinks in so quickly so no need to worry about shine you can apply your make up straight away. If I have any dry skin after moisturising this is the product for you! It doesn't have any little nasties in it and lots of goodies in it. it 'Soothes rough patches over the body, helps prevent split cuticles, replenishes water damage, helps minimizing scarring and protects from the weather soothing sunburn'  I got the sample in a beauty box and HAD to buy the bigger size. This was made in 1957 so it's having a pretty good run. I love this product as it's got a matte finish and it's the only one I use daily for any dry patches that come up on my face allowing me to put make up on a few minutes after applying. I use this under my eyes and it doesn't sting or feel heavy, I apply my concealer straight after and it doesn't crease at all. I really adore this stuff -  The only problem with this is the smell, it does go away but it has a Camphour scent which doesn't really bother me though you can't smell (mainly because you need so little) it unless you apply it right under your nose or you actually rub it on your hand and smell it. The scent goes away within minute and your left with such soft skin. The product sinks into the skin adding moisture and creating a barrier to protect it. - I can't say enough good things and it's holy grail for me. I use this everyday and yeah, just perfect. All the other products are either thick, shiny or doesn't do a gooder job of getting rid of dryness - this is just amazing and I'll always have it on hand. I will be doing a full review as I feel everyone and their dog should own this.

Have you tried any multi-purpose ointments? What's your favourite?


  1. Love the EH 8 hour cream, I use it as a lip balm it nourishes them and keeps them chap free! I love to use this on my cuticles before bed too, i do find it to be a little to oily for any other uses though. The Welda one is on my wish list :) x

    1. I've never tried it as a lip balm. It can be oily depending on your skin. Mine just loves how thick and moisturising it is. x

  2. I love the eight hour cream, I use it on eczema and for on my eyelids when they get dry, works a treat if you put it on at night and it's gone in the morning

    1. I totally agree with you!! It's a life saver when it comes to dry skin/eczema! Mines just ran out so I need to get more just in case x


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