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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hello Lovelies;

Today I thought I'd do 'The Spring Tag' that was created by the lovely Georgina (link) from Make up Pixi3. I love doing tags, but I know it's not everyone cuppa tea to read them, so I try and hold myself back. This one seemed like a really lovely one to do so here it is..

What's your favourite nail colours for spring? 

I'm a big lover of nude/natural nails for spring and summer. I can't really pull of pastels or really bright colours. For the past week China Glaze Dress Me Up has been my go-to colour. It's a brown toned light pink which is the perfect spring colour. It isn't too in your face and it goes with basically any outfit. I also love Bruton Street by Nails inc - It's such a beautiful spring purple shade. Both Dress me up and Bruton Street remind me of flower petal typed shades. 

Best Drink for Spring?

For non-alcoholic I go for mainly squash drinks - any types, I'm not fussy. For alcoholic I like Kopparberg Mixed Fruit which is basically cider so low alcohol levels. They're both refreshing and thirst quenching. 

What goes on your lips in spring?

I know what I am going to be wearing throughout Spring and I've given a UK and US option. If you're living in the UK is the new L'Oreal Liquid Lipsticks. I have the shade 500 (Molto Mauve). It's the perfect dusky, pink everyday shade. It isn't too bright but I don't often wear bright lips and if I do I wear them in Summer over spring. Spring is more a very minimal make up season/fresh face for me. For the US version go for the Maybelline The Elixir Color Sensational in Blush Essence - This is a bit brighter so more a end of spring/summer time shade (or on a hotter spring day). These are both dupes in terms of formulation and applicator. Both of the packaging's beautiful. If you haven't get your hands on them! 

What's your favourite thing about spring?

The weather warming up. The day being longer. All these things have an emotional effect on me, and I feel so much happier during spring/summer. I love being able to go outside without having to be bundled up - just looking forward to spring/summer nights, BBQ's, car boot sales. I find these seasons so relaxing and busy on par. I can't wait to go swimming and park times with Alec again. 

Best perfume for Spring?

It has to be Blush by Autograph (M&S). This stuff smells like it should be £40+ for 30ml, and yet it's very cheap. I think around £10 for 100ml. It's such a beautiful spring, floral scent. It's such an underdog product. Please, please go smell it! It deserve so much more hype about it. 

What TV Series are you watching at the moment?

I'm watching the same as usual. My Mad Fat Diary is ending soon (well tonight). I like movies more. Honestly I've been re-watching old Disney movies. Atlantis, Lion King, Ants etc.. 

Do you wear a different colour eyeshadow in spring?

I tend to wear the same colours throughout the year. Still very natural. My favourite all around shade is NARS Nepal. It's such a lovely pink shade (started to notice a pink theme?) It's more of a satin finish and you can wear it day to day. I'm not a big fan of too much eye make up as I have big eyes I don't suit lots of eyeshadow/liner. 

Do you change your hair colour for the changing season?

I could use a hair cut, but apart from that I don't change my hair colour any more. I used to dye it into a chocolate brown shade but since being pregnant I haven't changed my hair colour. I may do an ombre with some green blue shade, but not an all over colour.  

What music do you listen to in Spring? 

I listen to the same music as I normally do. I like soft rock music, RnB music and basically any type. Nickleback, Bastille, Taylor Swift, The Used, Disney soundtracks..

What kind of fashion items do you opt for Spring?

I like to wear lighter scarves. If it gets a bit windy them just make me feel a bit warmer. I'm not a big necklace/bracelet wearer as Alec just pulls on them. 

Don't forget to do the tag yourself and link it below so I can see - You're all tagged!

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  1. This tag is so cuuutttte! I love your choice in nail polish colours, very apt for the season! xxx

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  5. Those covers are looking great, especially the fox one! I love all things spring-ish too... especially what you mentioned about the days being longer and generally feeling happier. Spring is my reading season, I usually find a park outside and read a lot. Winter is more movies and shows for me xD But Disney is good anytime!

    Loving the nail colour choices! China Glaze applies like a dream <3


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