Balmain Silk Hair Perfume Review;

Friday, 23 May 2014

Hello lovelies;

Today I have a very intriguing product for you all, and that's the Balmain Silk Hair Perfume. I received this as part of my beautyMART Beauty Box and when I saw this beauty listed I was really excited to try it. You get the 200ml full size which comes in at £21. I've been using this daily instead of my usual Dove Hair Oil or Toni&Guy serum. 

The packaging itself is classic and simple. It comes in a plastic clear bottle with a label that has all the product information on it with a black and white design. You spray it out, but it isn't like normal sprays..It's so finely dispersed you don't get flecks on it out so it's so hard to overdo it with the product, and yet one spray smells so amazing (I keep spraying it on my hand to sniff it), which brings me onto the scent. It just smells so clear and clean. I literally cannot stop smelling this stuff. It smells better than fresh hair, I've never smelt anything so lovely. 

So, does it just make your hair smell nice? Hell no! It does more than just make your hair smell freshly washed, it makes your hair silky soft, de-frizzes it, makes it shiny and it says 'enriched with silk and argan proteins' which explains how it benefits your hair so much. I adore this and will continue to use this. Another great use for this is if you're going on holiday or to festivals and this just freshens up your hair with the smell as well as making it so silky and soft. 

I highly recommend this product for anyone - it isn't just a perfume, the benefit's that your hair gets as well would make me purchase this alone. 

Have you tried Balmain before?
Do you like the idea of hair perfume?
Would you try this product?


  1. I've always had a thing for hair perfume, but never really liked any of the ones you see on the high street, so I might need to treat myself to this, it seems fab! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. hair perfume.. so useful and nice smelling. must give it a go.. hmm where can i find it outside of UK. Anyone know?

  3. I absolutely adore this. I bought 4 of those boxes just to get it rather than buying it at full price just to stock up. Can't get enough of it.


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