Make up Menu #13

Friday, 9 May 2014

Hello lovelies;

Welcome to the latest 'make up menu.' I haven't got a lot on the list as a lot of it was mentioned on my monthly favourites. I have a few bits that deserve a mention though. Some of these I've mentioned before, and some are new buys - as always.

You all know (or should know) I'm a big fan of Leighton Denny. Their polishes are some of my favourites and I adore their crystal nail files. The Leighton Denny Slick Tips Touch and Go Cuticle Oil (Link) has been in my bag ever since I bought it. It's on par with the CND Solar Oil in my opinion and they both smell divine. Slick Tips smells more like lemon rather than almonds. This is so amazing as conditions your nails like no other product. This is a pen that you click to get the product out. I love the sleek design and how light weight it is. You can pop it out without fear of oil getting everywhere and it's more hygienic than the Burts Bee's Lemon Butter. If you're looking for a new Cuticle Oil I highly recommend this. You get 2.9ml for £12 which isn't bad for what you get - You can also get this in a normal varnish bottle 12ml for £11 (here) You do get less in the Touch and Go version but this is more travel friendly. 

Another nail loving product I've been enjoying is the Dior Nail Glow which gives your nails a glowing manicure finish. I haven't had much time to do my nails and this is just a quick and simple way of making your nails look amazing. I've had so many compliments using this and it only takes a few minutes! This is £18.50 (link) which is a hell of a lot for a varnish. The closest product I've found to this is the Leighton Denny polish in Butterfly Wings - They are different but I cannot find anything else that comes close. I bought this for my Mum as a treat as she would never spends money on herself let alone on a polish. This is a luxe item and it makes a lovely gift. My mum never wears make up but she likes to make her nails look nice (just natural/french mani style) and for a treat it's a worth the money how long it'll last you. 

Something that so many people know and use is the Urban Decay Primer Potion (link). I never invested in one before as I don't use eyeshadows daily and didn't want to invest in ones that seem so much. I got the 6ml size from Feel Unique for around £8 which isn't bad. I use this every time under my shadow and it does make it last a lot long (as it's meant to). If you're looking for a eyelid primer, and don't want to splash out this is a good size and it's going to last me, personally a long time. This doesn't crease eyeshadow, doesn't dry your eyelids out, doesn't irritate the my eczema prone eyes...It deserved a mention! 

Sorry, I have to mention these beauties again, and again and again....The Becca Beach Tints (link) I will keep on till someone comments they've bought one! The shade in the picture is Lychee, but I love Lychee and Grapefruit. I keep going back to these. They're my favourite liquid blush. Such amazing colour. Lychee is the perfect light pink, not too bright and not over the top and the colour would suggest. Grapefruit is a more dusky pink and they're both so gorgeous and you all need to go and get these now now now!!! Worth  £20? Hells yes!! I bought three of these. Wasn't too keen on Papaya as I thought it'd be a red and turned out to been a blood orange colour and I cannot make that work on my lips or cheeks.These two however are full proof. You won't regret buying them. So easily to blend and use (coming from someone that cannot use the benetints). just perfect!

What's been on your make up menu recently?
Have you tried any of these items?
Will you be purchasing any?

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  1. I really want to try the Becca tints are the shades quite pigmented? x


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