Self Adjusting Lipsticks;

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

 (Pink, Coral, Red, Plum, Pearl and Nude)

Hello lovelies;

Today I am presenting to you all the DuWop Private Lipstick Holiday Collection. This is a 6 piece set of their self adjusting lipsticks. You get private pearl, private coral, private red, private pink, private plum and private nude. These lipsticks adjusting with your ph levels to create your own personal colour to go with your skin tone. 

These are mini lipsticks 2.33g's - You can get the full size of all of them. I love private nude on me - it's a pinky brown colour and I wear this everyday if If I want something understated. Private red - This is the ONLY red that I love on me. It's comes out a blue toned vampire red which I adore! Private Plum - This comes out like a blue toned brown plum which goes with my skin tone amazingly. I'v bought this in the full size because I like it sooo much! Private Pearl - I don't use this as it's basically adding glitter to your lips, no thanks! Private Pink - This comes out as a very summery colour on me, it's a lovely light and bright pink! I'm getting better at wearing brighter colours but I shall have this on when summer rolls round, and the same with Private Coral - This is also very bright and summer. Goes with my skin tone and isn't at all understated. 

All these lipsticks are creamy, glide on and last all day. They aren't drying on your lips at all though I always apply a lip balm before applying these. They're highly pigmented and just great lipsticks. I always take these minis away with me and keep them in my bag... I always have private nude and plum in my bag. I got the Holiday collection because I wanted to try them out before buying the full size lipsticks. I still want to buy Private Nude and Private Red in the full size! The full size is from £19 - £21 which is more than the normal MAC shades and other lipsticks but they're really worth it!

Have you tried DuWop?
What shade would you pick?
Do you like the idea of self adjusting lipsticks/ have you tried them?


  1. I've never heard of this brand before but I really like the sound of it! :) Gisforgingers xx

    1. Oh I meant to say- I really like your blogs header too!! haha Gisforgingers xx

  2. these look and sound so good! that pearl one looks really interesting! x

  3. I got the Private Red years ago and adored it and forgot about Duwop, have now been back on their website sinc your post LOL......great post and now I must get these!!!


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