The Perfect Eyeshadow Palette (NARSissist);

Friday, 30 May 2014

Hello Lovelies;

Welcome back to A Topsy Turvy Blog. I am sorry to bring to you a limited edition product today, but being a beauty blogger I cannot, not tell you all about my perfect eyeshadow palette. It's the NARSissist palette which contains 15 different shades. It's a natural palette with some matte and shimmer. It's got a few blues and purples as well, but overall it's a beautiful palette. 

The whole reason I wanted to buy this palette was to try a few different colours - Ashes to Ashes, All About Eve, Lhasa and Fez. If you bought them singly they'd be £18 each, so £55 for a whole palette and getting to try colours I've wanted to for ages and ages seemed logical :P 

This palette has the following shades - All About Eve, Madrague II, Bellissiam, Madrague, Nepal, Lhasa, Fez, Ashes to Ashes, Bad Behaviour, Bali, Brousse, Dogon, Coconut Groove, Mekong and Pandora. 

All the colours are beautiful and pigmented. They last a long time even without a primer. I tend to use the left side of the palette more, though the darker colours are lovely if you want to create a smoky eye, Bali is a good eyebrow powder shade for me and Pandora is a lovely powder black eyeliner. Out of all the colours I use All About Eve, Madrague (both shades), Neap and Ashes to Ashes the most. I'm so scared to take this palette away with me in case it breaks. 

You can still buy these, but they're only for sale on eBay from the US which is a risk. I'm really happy I got this palette in the end, and use it daily. 

What's your favourite palette?
Did you buy the NARSissist one?
What's your favourites shades from the palette?


  1. I recently bought this in a blog sale, I can't wait to have a play around with the shades, looking forward to creating a smoky eye look with the darker shades x

  2. I picked this up too when it was easily available and I adore it - Fez is the perfect crease shade and Bali is a perfect eyebrow match for me too! x

    lillies and lipbalm

  3. I love love love this palette! I wish I had it. The colors look amazing! Thanks for sharing, so I can at least live vicariously through your makeup collection. ;)


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