The scent of Summer;

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hello lovelies;

I'm not good at describing fragrances, but hell I will share you y'all what my perfect spring/summer scent has been for the past few weeks. The Jurlique Essence of Rose is just summer in a scent. This is a roll on fragrance oil which Just smells f*cking amazing. It smells of pure rose - None of that artificial rubbish. 

You get 10ml for £16 which isn't overally bad..Comparing it to my normal Blush perfume which is 10ml for £5 it doesn't seem all that good, but this scent is really worth it if you're looking for a spring/summer scent. It comes in a thin glass bottle which is very lightweight. You apply it with a roller ball which is good to pop into your bag, and I can apply this on trains, or other public places without worrying about anyone having asthma etc... 

I was worried when I bought it that the scent might not be strong enough for anyone else to smell it. I applied it and asked my fiance and family if they could smell it at a normal distance away and I also put it on my mum and could smell it just as I was smelling it on my wrist. This doesn't irritate your skin at all. It's full of goodies like Shea Butter, Rose Oils and other lovelies. I literally cannot stop smelling this. It's so relaxing and I do just take a big breathe in smelling it and instantly feel more relaxed. It doesn't smell like a bathroom spray or fake. It's just a beautiful scent. 

I normally keep this in my bag for touch ups throughout the day, or if I feel like I need to relax. This is a lovely on-the-go scent if you've had a long trip and want to freshen up. This is the first Jurlique product I've tried and I'll be trying many more. You apply this to your wrists, neck, behind the ears and just breathe in the gorgeous scent. The next thing on my list is their Rosewater Mist ;)

Don't miss out of getting this scent! 

Have you tried Jurlique? 
Do you like roses as a scent?
Do you like roller ball perfumes?

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  1. I must confess that I have yet to try a roller ball perfume that I actually like, most of the time I have a feeling that the scent fades quite quickly. I love the handy format, but the long lasting wear has at least up until now been an issue for me but I really like Jurlique products otherwise :o) Xx

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