Banishing Dark Circles;

Friday, 27 June 2014

Hello Lovelies;

Sleepless nights and long days play havoc with our eyes. Having an 18 month old I've had my fair share of sleepless nights. We've all been there. This duo has been working amazingly at getting rid of my dark circles and making me look less zombie like. 

The Real Techniques Shading brush is meant to be used on your eyes. I hardly ever use brushes as what they're intended for. This is great at blending out concealer. You can use this brush with liquid concealers - Either put a bit of concealer on the back on your hand, dab the brush in and apply it to yours eye, or you can just use the concealer applicator and use this to blend it in. I use it with my Benefit Boi-ing Concealer. I dab the brush into the product and apply this to your eyes. Boi-ing is a really high coverage concealer and this allows you to apply little, blend it in and re-apply as much as you want to get the desired coverage. 

I've never been one for blending it concealer with a brush, or applying it with one. I find this way is a lot more natural. You don't overdo your concealer and it saves wasting it. I generally add about 3 layers because it picks up so little product but it's the perfect way to get the amount of coverage you want. 

Do you use a brush to apply concealer?
What do you think about this technique? 
What's your favourite concealer?


  1. I might give this concealer a try! I've been looking for something that would give me extra coverage for ages, my dark circles are killing me.

  2. I love using my Zoeva concealer brush to apply concealer and I definitely prefer using brushes rather than my fingers to blend it in :) My favourite concealer is by Itcosmetics xx
    Ana xo

  3. I use Erase Paste and apply it with my fingers. Perhaps I should get a decent brush! : /


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