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Saturday, 14 June 2014

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Hello Lovelies;

We all get writers block every now and then. Whenever I get hit by it, I go by the season. Sometimes make up reviews are a bit cliche and having a list of seasons and writing posts depending on the season is not only very helpful for yourself, but for your readers.


During Spring the weather is getting warmer - along with that though you have public holidays as well as proms and exams along with the classic seasonal beauty/fashion looks. Remember with posting (like prom shopping) you need to give them time to shop before the actual day - which is normally in May. 

- Spring Beauty/Fashion (Hair, Make up, Nails and clothing)
- Valentine's Day gift ideas/what to do for Valentine's Day (February)
-Valentine's Day beauty (hair, make up and nails)
-Valentine's Date fashion
- Easter non chocolate ideas (April) 
-Hay Fever Survival Tips
-Study Tips 
- Exam Essentials
- Time prioritising
-Spring Hobbies
-Spring Cleaning Tips (Beauty, Fashion and Household)
-Prom Beauty (Make up, hair and nails) - May
-Prom Essentials - April/May
-Prom Dress Shopping - March/April
-Mother's Day gift ideas
-What to do for Mother's Day
- Mother's Day Beauty/Fashion
-Fitness (Food, Exercise, Tips, Clothing) How to get a Summer body
-What do you love about Spring (Flowers blooming, getting warmer, less layers)


Summer is my favourite season - it's time to relax (but not too much) go out, have BBQ's, find new hobbies. There are lots to do and write about for the summer months, though not as many public holidays. With Fitness you can differ the clothing due to the season (for summer you'd want shorts, vest tops, swimming is a great way to get summer exercise and cool down)

-Summer shopping (SPF, Light make up base)
-Keeping safe in the sun
- Festival Essentials
-Festival Beauty/Fashion
-Holiday Essentials (For city, country, oversea breaks)
-Plane Essentials/Clothing/Beauty
-Holiday clothing
-Holiday Ideas (where to go?) Oversea and UK breaks
-Travel Tips (Maybe travelling with kids, oversea etc...)
- Fathers Day - Gifts - What to do? 
-Fitness (Essentials, Clothing, tips, Summer workouts)
-Summer recipes.
-Moving House (For uni) Tips/Saving Tips/Budget/Student Recipes (August/Sep')
-Summer hobbies/events/Festival info.
- What do you love about summer? (Longer Days, Less layers, BBQ's, Relaxing with friends etc...)
- Make up Newbie (What brands to check out, Good make up starters Newbie make up bag/essentials)


September is great for make up posts - You're getting back into dark vamp' colours and with everyone going back to school, budget make up, back to school looks and others are reader favourites.

-Back to school make up
-Budget make up
- Back to school Essentials
- School Bags/Shoes/Coats 
-No make up, make up look
-Autumn Beauty/Fashion (Browns, Golden/Orange, Olive/Khaki make up shades)
-Halloween looks - Halloween hair and make up ideas
-Halloween ideas - What to wear for Halloween?
-Class planning (Help keeping in check with classes)


Back to Winter and this is a shopping season - with Christmas and the Boxing Day Sales This is the month that hits my purse hard!

-Winter Beauty/Fashion (Deep vamp colours - Ox blood/Plums etc..)
-'2014' favourites (or whatever year it is)
-Christmas Gift Ideas (for Mums, Dads, Sisters etc...)
Winter Favourites (Pumpkin Lattes, Cuddling up watching TV with a hot chocolate) what do you love about Winter?
-January Sales - What did, or should you buy?
-What I got for Christmas? Tease us with your lovely gifts! 

I hope this was helpful for you all and it gives you some ideas if you're ever stuck with blogging. These may not be original ideas, but I know a lot of readers love these classic posts and a lot of them can be very helpful for readers - I know I love reading them. 

Please feel free to comment any ideas you have for posts and the season/month they fall into. 

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