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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hello Lovelies;

After the long hunt for a night cream, it's finally come to an end. This is such an amazing product and it's a lifetime repurchase for me. I cannot see myself using it. The cream I'm talking about is the Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream.

I have a 60ml size (Full size) and a smaller 25ml size - I normally decanter the 60ml product into the smaller size one. You can pick up the 60ml size for £25 at Feel Unique (here) It comes in a glass dark brown pot with a black lid - white label and all the information on the label with the Trilogy symbol and a red banner. If you get the full size it also come with a little spatula which is good for getting product out - I use it to transfer the product into the smaller size. The product itself is a rich white cream - You can feel how moisturising it is, It isn't heavy on the skin and leaves you skin feeling so moisturised. The Rose scent is really relaxing and makes it feel like a spa like product.  

This is certified BioGro / Natural Cosmetics. They're against animal testing and non GMO. It's for all skin types and is meant to 'Revive, Restore and Rehydrate' Wake up to revitalised Skin' 'Promotes Healthy Skin Renewal' and it's 'certified natural night cream' 

So, why do I love it?

I was on the long hunt for a night cream that helped get rid of my dry skin, didn't annoy my eczema and made me face more youthful and glow - and damn, I found it all with this product!! 

I now wake up to softer, glowing skin after every use. I was worried as it has a strong rose scent would annoy my eczema but it did the something great and actually reduced my eczema which is brilliant. My dry skin keeps at bay and this helps my skin become more clear. I think this would be good for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin always do a test patch. I really love this cream and it's also meant to help with anti ageing bonus! Next on my list is their Rosehip oil and a few more bits.

Have you tried Trilogy before?
What's your favourite night cream?
Would you try this product? 

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