My first (and only) MAC lipstick;

Monday, 21 July 2014

Hello Lovelies;

MAC lipsticks have always seemed overrated to me. I don't own many 'high end' lip products, and MAC has such a large selection getting one would mean I'd need one that I wore often (just like my other higher end ones). 

The Lipstick I own is MAC Patisserie a beautiful peachy rosy-brown nude with some gold flecks (don't worry, you don't notice it when the lipstick is applied). Why'd I go for this shade? Well it goes with everything from day to day looks to smoky eyes. You can throw this on without worrying if I'd go with the look because it's the perfect nude. This isn't a 'light' nude - the brown in it allows it to be a bit darker with the perfect amount of peach and pink it just looks perfect on the lips.

This is a luster lipstick so it isn't matte and has the perfect amount of shine to it without drying the lips. You can wear it with or without a lip balm under the product. It comes in the normal MAC black and silver bullet packaging which is just the 'norm' with MAC. 

I'm so glad that I bought this lipstick. I've had bad times with MAC lipsticks - the first time I went in there I got so blinded by all the shades (before blogging and watching YouTube) thankfully after watching Lily Pebbles, Vivanna, Essie and other bloggers I have a greater idea about the shades and what 'Luster, Satin etc... mean. There's so much choice it's easy to become confused with it all. I really want to get Syrup - It looks like such a beautiful hit of plum lipstick, See Sheer  - A gorgeous coral. Those are on my bucket list!

What's your go-to MAC lipstick?
Do you own any MAC lipsticks?
Do you like them or are you reserved like me?


  1. This shade has been on my list for a while now, it's so pretty! :)

    Style Sunrise


  2. I have "see sheer" its so lovely, got to say I do love Mac lipsticks :) xx

  3. This shade as been on my list for a couple months now. It looks absolutely stunning. I recently picked up my first and only MAC lipstick as well, I got the shade angel. So far I'm pleased with the lipsticks.

    xo Franchesca| City Mermaid

  4. I had to see which color you got since it is your only one. <3 MAC lipsticks! It is so tempting to collect them all but this shade really does look versatile. Patisserie is a great choice! I always tend to go towards fun shades but they really don't go with everything so I end up having to switch a lot lol.

  5. I am a MAC lipstick addict.. I love them! You bought a very lovely shade.. perfect for Summer. I love your blog, it's great x

  6. I'm not a huge lover of nude lipstick because I don't suit them, but, this one is gorgeous! x

    Jasmine ||


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