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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hello lovelies;

I'm a bit off with Facial Masks - I've tried plenty and use few. The Antipodes Aura Mankua Honey Mask has been a go-to product for me. My skin is has plenty of problems to deal with. I have large pores, dry/dehydrated skin, broken capillaries on my cheeks, sensitive skin (Eczema) and get the odd spot. What problem do I deal with first?

This mask helps a fair few problems - This 'deeply cleanses' your skin as well as keeping your skin hydrated. It helps to clear blemishes so it helps me prevent getting any spots and it leaves me with soft glowing skin. I highly recommend this for anyone with dry skin and suffer from spots (Teens I'm talking to you!) This is also good for acne prone skin because it doesn't add oil, it just hydrated dehydrated skin (which is a lack of oil - dry skin is lack of oil).

This mask is very creamy and it won't leave you blushing if you have to answer the door with it on. Apply a thick even layer and leave it on for 15 minutes to be left with soft, beautiful skin. Simple, right? I love the packaging as it's so clean and simple - I'm a fan of the Trilogy, Aesop and similar skincare packaging. You get 75ml and it's Vegetarian friendly.

I've been using this during the day when I've not needed to go out and had a make up free day and during the evening when I can relax. It has a lovely vanilla scent to it which is really relaxing. It doesn't irritate my skin which is always a worry of mine. I generally just use this and my Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask now and I've even picked up a second tube. I've never tried Antipodes before but I will be trying more things from the brand after this amazing mask!

What's your skincare staple mask?
Have you tried Antipodes?
Are you going to pick up this mask?

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