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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hello Lovelies; 

Today's post gives you a look into one of my 'beauty draws.' Not trying to say that I have a lot...This is the main draw I keep all my make up bits in, and just day to day bits that I like to be easy to grab. We're starting this from the left of the draw to the right, so let's begin! 

This is my first few bits. At the top left is the draw I keep my foundations, primers and few powders in. I've had a big spring clean so lots of make up bits that I know I won't, or don't use have gone onto a better place. The top left draw is lip bits - I'm not fully fond of this draw as they need to be more sectioned off into lip balms, shades etc.. For now it's working well as I tend to use the lipsticks in my make up bag.  The bottom left is my 'cream' highlighters and blushers. The bottom right is a few eyebrow bits, eye primers and eyeshadows (a few duos)

Next to the lipstick section you can see powder blushes, highlighters and bronzers (with one cream bronzer). Next to that I have my eyeliners and mascaras which go really well in the long container (with my NARS palette slipped in there.) I have my Laura Mercier Palette to go, Urban Decay Naked Basic palette and Origins Drink up just placed between the containers as they're easy to reach when I need them. The last bit is my concealer draw and other minis (primers, foundations and concealers) that fit snuggly in there. 

Next to my eyeliner/mascara I have my 'bits and moisturiser' draw which has some hair pins, serums as well as most of my facial moisturisers. I have the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion which is a go to for me as it's the best body moisturiser I've EVER tried. I have some cheeky Nivea facial wipes for days I need to get my make up off just quickly (I know I shouldn't). I have two mirrors - the spotty one and a round compact one, and some Mitchum cream roll on - always handy! 

This is the last draw at the far, far right - It has some little bits in like kabuki brushes, Urban Decay 'dew me' in a little pink bottle, my Chole perfume, Hand Cream, Butter London polish and my Trilogy night cream & serum (Estee Lauder Pore Refinisher). There are some other skincare minis in here and my eczema cream but that's boring!

So yeah, that's a very quick look at some of my storage. Hope you enjoyed this and found it 'kinda' helpful. There's still room to improve and right now I'm liking the layout I have. The containers are from Mujji - Though they take 3 days to dispatch! It arrived the day after they were dispatched. 

How do you store your beauty bits?
Do you have a normal desk or go for the 'Ikea' options?
Has this given you any ideas?


  1. I am still trying to find the perfect storage system.. I feel like it's still not perfect! I love your set up! :D

    Kate | themintedbeauty.com

  2. Would love a review on how you find muji drawers :)

  3. I have a typical ikea option, however i'm always looking for new ideas to be different, i love how organised yours is :)




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