July Favourites '14;

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hello Lovelies;

I know I say this every month, but where has the month gone? It literally goes so quickly for me that it's the 1st again before I know it. I've got a little list of beauty products I've been loving throughout the month, enjoy!

My base that I've been using for the whole month has been the Skin79 Super+ BB (Hot Pink); This base has been amazing for the month. It's been really warm and this gives you a bit more coverage than my NARS Tinted Moisturiser without needing to be buffed in, or take as long as to be applied than other bases I own. It comes out a great tone but it blends in and just looks perfect on your skin with SPF 25 along with lots of other goodies to help your skin. The pink packaging stole my heart, though it isn't travel friendly I just love it. 

I've been using the One Heck of a Blot by Soap and Glory to set all my make up - I normally go for my Hourglass Lighting Powder but this doesn't leave the same 'glow' on your skin like the Hourglass one does. I don't have a problem with dull skin so even though this says it 'blots' your face mine still have a glow once applied. It's an AMAZING high street powder and I highly recommend it. It is getting to be a holy grail product for me. I'm going to try the more yellow tinted powder S&G have as I have a lot of redness. This doesn't pick up any of my dry skin. It's perfect. 

NARS Douceur, you stole my heart on first application. I don't care if people say you're 'sheer' and not as pigmented as the other NARS blushers. I'm sorry for using other blushers hoping they'd be better. You always look amazing on my skin and just wake me up. Seriously? This blusher is perfect. I will always use it. A dusky pink that just works amazing with my pale skin and even though it isn't as pigmented I think it's amazing for application on the go. I swirl my brush around and it picks up the perfect amount of colour where other blushes have picked up too much product (I'd say the sheerness is a bonus). It's been on my cheeks everyday this month. I highly recommend this as a first time NARS blush.

A concealer of the moment? Origins Plantscription Concealer. I use this under my eyes when all my other concealer becomes too heavy but I still need some coverage. This has slightly less coverage than the NARS Creamy Concealer but it's also a lot more moisturising. It does need to be set so the One Heck of a Blot is my best friend in this case. It says it's 'anti ageing' which I love the idea of for a product I use under my eyes. I use this on dark circles and my NARS Concealer on my face to get rid of redness. I know I'm a hard girl to keep happy xD! 

That's it for this month. All these products are ones I've used time and time again and they are classic loves, not just a 'month favourite.'

What's been your monthly favourite for July?
Do you use any of these?
Would you purchase any? 

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