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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hello Lovelies;

I'm a big fan of beauty products that are suitable for travelling with, not only because I am on the go a lot, but because I keep all my make up in a make up bag. I love the idea of the Laura Mercier Color-to-go palette - it has 3 eyeshadows and one 'tight line' eyeliner, one blush, one bromzer and a lip glace all in a little compact, great idea right? The problem? I don't wear eyeliners often, nor eyeshadows because my eczema flares up a lot of my eyelids, the bronzer isn't good for pale skin, they're all the same, medium/tanned skin would be fine with it, and the lip glace aren't my favourite (I used to put a mac lipstick in there instead). The blush was so beautiful though. 

So, what's this 'travel make-up essential?' The Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Streak. Urban Decay came out with a few Flushed palettes - 'Naked' the original and three new ones named Streak, Native and Strip. Streak is perfect for my pale skin - The bronzer is the same tone as my much loved Soap and Glory Solar Powder (though I hate the packaging), the blusher is a great dupe of MAC Melba - A lovely peachy pink and the highlighter (the only flaw) is a bit powdery and this one is peach toned. 

The price is £22 - Solar powder is around £10.00 and Melba is  around £16.00 so already you're onto a winner! It's such a lovely compact and is perfect if you're having a few days away and don't mind using the same bronzer, highlighter or powder for a few days - I'd probably take a Becca Beach Tint Blush as they're only small for a blush change, or change the highlighter for my Laura Geller one (Both Geller and Becca are small products).  I'm just so happy to find a bronzer as lovely as Solar Powder in a more compact form, and the Melba dupe just makes it sweeter. The Blush is a matte, whilst the bronzer has a slight shine to it (nothing glittery and you can only tell it if you swatch on your finger - you cannot tell it on the skin which I love. 

It's a perfect addition to your make up bag or for festivals/travel. I really love it!! I've had it all of a week and it's taken pride of place in my make up bag. I will do a 'what's in my make up bag' typed post soon. 

What's your favourite travel make up essential?
Have you tried this, or another flushed palette?
Do you like Urban Decay?


  1. I've never tried anything urban decay before and this looks good for travelling (especially seen as my powder smashed recently when I was travelling to London) D:
    Abigail x

  2. Hey. I nominated you a Liebster Award. More information is here -

  3. I just adore that bronzer shade! There's been so much hype around this cheek palette... I'm starting to become really tempted by it!

  4. A bit pricey for what it is, but it does look great, especially on nicely tanned skin.
    Absolutely loving your blog! Following on GFC & bloglovin! Would love it if you checked out my latest post :) xx

  5. I bought the original and disliked it at first but now I love the bronzer. Still can't get along with the highlighter though xx

  6. This looks perfect for travelling!! Great review <3 I'm back to blogging after a year of hiatus and it would really mean a lot if you check it out. :)

  7. I'm so tempted to get this it's so pretty! Great review lovely :)

  8. love this product. want it ♥

  9. I may get this - il look into colours that suit me.
    This looks promising and perfect for travelling
    Lovely review


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