A look at Clinique;

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hey Lovelies!

Clinique is a brand I haven't delved into for a long while. I tried a foundation from the brand about two years ago and it put me off. It was a redness targeted one and it made my skin a lot worse. 

I've wanted to but the Chubby Sticks for awhile and I decided to take the plunge and try Clinique again. When you bought two products, you got three little gifts and I must day I'm adoring all of them. The Chubby Cheek Contour Balm is in Amp' up the Apple which, in all honesty, I regret buying. It doesn't work with my skin for some reason. I get redness in my face and this just accentuates it too much for my liking. I will give it another try but in first impressions it looks like I'll be passing this one onto a friend/family member. 

The Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes has have been re-made by so many brands and I wanted to try the originals. I got the shade 'Fuller Fudge,' I did originally go in for 'lots of latte' as it's more of an everyday shade for me. I do like this shade though. I'm still working out ways to use it whilst at work and more day to day. I do love the formulation though. These are so easy to apply and just blend out with your fingers. They are perfect for travel or going from a day to night look creating a gorgeous smoky brown eye. 

I got three samples - The High Impact Mascara is gorgeous and I love the volume this gives my lashes. I'm still testing this out but so far no fall out/flaking. It lasts all day and gives you lovely black lashes which go perfectly with the chubby eye tints. The All About Eye cream has so far been really good at de-puffing. It's hydrating and you can use it day or night. Their Take the Day Off Make up Remover has been lovely at taking off eye make up. It doesn't irritate my eyes and actually leaves them feeling so moisturised. I've been loving this as a 1st step in cleaning to remove my eye make up - no more panda eyes whilst taking my make up off with my cleanse and polish! This stuff really is lovely and it removes waterproof mascara so easily with no rubbing or dragging. 

Have you used any of these products?
Does any interest you? 
Will you purchase any of them?


  1. Not tried any of these products, but the chubby stick for eyes is one I will test out next on my travels :) x

    1. It's soo beautiful and easy to use. If you want a quick and easy eye look this is the product for you. xx


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