Depop Haul #1

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hello Lovelies;

I may have recently bought a few bits from Depop - if you don't know what Depop is, it's an App that you can sell anything on. They do take 10% but there aren't any other fees. You can get paid via PayPal or Credit Card as well which is rather handy. Please be aware that if you pay by 'Gift' or Friends and Family you aren't covered and if you don't get the product you cannot open a case and try get a refund.

I bought these beautiful clothes (still waiting for some clothing and beauty bits) from some lovely sellers including Gh0stparties (Kate). I love Depop at grabbing bargains - though they have a 'buy now' option it's best to message the seller just to check they actually use their account and are aware you've bought something - I did have a case where I bought something and they didn't respond a week after buying (how someone doesn't realise with the Email and money going into their PayPal is unclear to me) but in the end I had to open a case and got a full refund.

Anywho - all these pieces are gorgeous. My favourite has to be the stripy top - it is thicker than it looks which is brilliant for Autumn/Winter time just to keep yourself warmer. The Top above is also thicker but more of a crop top - I love the design and with black jeans and a leather jacket it just stands out and gives you a simple chic look. I got a simple black cami top just to go with the shorts for a smart casual look. I love the TopShop Blue Scallop top even though it's more for summer it can be used just to layer yourself up in winter or as a cute Pj top. The green Jewel top is soo lovely though it's sheer if you add a top under it, it adds more layers as well as being easily made into a day or night look. I've already worn the dress - I never normally go for these types of prints but it's a lovely everyday dress and I have road tested it a fair few times already and I love it! Lastly are my two shorts - ones more black and white floral and the other has lined designs with green and grey colouring - both would be lovely with a simple top and can be dressed up or down. With some tights for the colder months they can still be easily worn.

I love all the items I've bought and I'm always looking on Depop for some more bargains. I've got a few beauty bits (along with a new MAC lipstick and Tanya Burr bits) and a top or two. I hope you've enjoyed this post and I'll do a #2 once I get the rest of the items. Remember - Depop is like an on-line Charity shop, you need to dig around and you get some amazing finds!

Do you use Depop?
Would you download the app?
What's your favourite find?

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  1. I have got to check out depop now, seems like some great bargains!


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