Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hello Lovelies;

This is a post I'd never thought I'd be writing about...Hair Bobbles. 

I've been really into straightening my hair recently, and whenever I have to put my hair up, which is everyday with work or just getting it out the way, when I take my hair down it leaves a lovely 'Kink' in my hair - beautiful! Invisibobble is a 'traceless' hair bobble that doesn't leave a kink in your hair which I was totally on board for! 

You can get these is lots of different shades - Black, White, Clear, Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink and some pastel shades added on Feelunique. Granted, they look like a telephone cord. I wore one in all night, and throughout a bath and no kink in sight! The brighter colours look pretty funky as a wristband. You get 3 in a pack for £3.75 - it may seem like a lot for 3 hair bobbles but they are really durable. The only thing is that I feel like I have to look after them a lot more because they are 'special' 

I think this is a brilliant idea though. I do opt for the brown and black colours over the bright ones, but they stand out more than anything else on the market.. This is a short post, because there isn't a lot of information to go in about them, but for the price they really are worth it. It can get stretched too much, but if you lightly heat it with a hair dryer it will revert back to it's normal size. I purchased mine from Boots - they sell them in most Boots shops (I got it from the High Wycombe store so I'd have thought your local would stock them as well.)

What are your thoughts on Invisibobble? 
Would you try them?
What colour would you purchase. 


  1. I never fully understood these until recently. I thought that when you put them in your hair they dissapeared so as to look as if you didn't have a bobble in? Haha but i guess not! I'm def off to buy some of these, the hair kink is the bane of my life xx

  2. I really want to try these, apparently they're good for not giving you headaches which I always get!

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