My Perfect Red Lip;

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hello Lovelies;

With the festive season quickly approaching red lips just scream 'Christmas' to me - I'm probably brain washed by Coca Cola. I'm a but 'funny' with red lips. They have to be matte, or else they will slide all over my face (I just cannot pull off shiny/semi matte red lips). I've tried lots of matte red lipsticks before (MAC Ruby Woo, NARS Cruella etc..) and they all drag, dry my lips and just don't look nice within half an hour after application. But I have 'matte revolution' for you..

The gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury brought out a 'Matte Revolution' range that shows matte lipsticks don't have to drag, dry or look flat. These lipsticks are perfect matte lipsticks - I have three shades 'Sexy Sienna' which is a gorgeous pinky peach, 'Bond Girl' is my perfect matte A/W plum and the lipstick I am bringing to you today 'Red Carpet Red,' my perfect red lip.  I do find I prefer the darker lip shades - Sexy Sienna is beautiful, but I'm not really fond of a matte lighter lip. 

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red is a gorgeous blue toned red (much like NARS Cruella). I do grab a lip liner brush and create my lip shape, pat it down and repeat to create my lip shape before applying this - you don't have to take this step, but I just prefer it. The shade of the bullet is square, angled to a line tip is just perfect for precise application. The formulation of these lipsticks are truly unique; A matte finish that isn't flat, it has some light reflective proprieties but still giving you matte lips. 

Even though the name would suggest it's a 'red carpet' - special occasion shade I love wearing this during the day - I always pair red lips with a black and white stripy tee - I find with bolder lips you go have to pair them well with your clothing or else they won't look right - A good old stripy is a classic with a bold lip. With Christmas coming up I will be wearing this a lot. The CT Matte Revolution Lipsticks are perfect in their own right, though I find the swatches on the CT website are VERY off. If you have a chance to swatch them at a local counter that would be your best bet. I am eyeing Love Liberty at the moment - it's a dark berry shade (trying to justify it with also owning Bond Girl).

I hope this helped you if you're looking for a red matte lip, but find the normal ones on the market's formulation not for you.

What's your favourite red lip?
Do you wear it during the day, or just for nights out/special occasions? 
Have you tried any of the CT Matte Revolution range?


  1. I'm still trying to brave the red lip. I'm starting to get redder and redder by the month.. but still not there yet!

    Corinne x

    1. It took me a while to get used to bolder lips. I found I didn't suit lighter reds but I cool pull off full on bold lips

  2. gorgeous shade!

  3. I really like the new mac red lipstick but this one is gorgerous too :) I've nominated for an award on my blog :) check the link for more info:

    xx Cecil

    xx cecil

    1. Hey Cecil! Thanks for the nomination. I haven't need the new MAC red. Will have to check it out

  4. Amazing color!!

    I followed you <3

    1. It is beautiful. Thanks you for the follow :D x

  5. (: xoxo, Rebecca.
    * Fammi sapere cosa ne pensi del mio nuovo post:


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