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Thursday, 11 December 2014

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Hello Lovelies;

Drugstore foundations have never been my 'top picks' I've always loved my NARS, Chanel, Laura Mercier etc.. bases. There is a base however I've been reaching for over my NARS Tinted moisturiser and Dior Star Foundation - I never thought I'd say that it's a drugstore base that's perfect, well, apart from the fact is isn't readily available in the UK. 

The Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream has been a life saver in these colder months and if I have been opting for a foundation this is the only one I've been reaching for. This base takes seconds to apply with your fingers. It perfects the skin whilst looking very natural. The finish is lovely and dewy. The Red Bean BB Cream is perfect for drier skin types. It isn't drying at all which means it's perfect in the colder months to hydrate, perfect and get a bit of glow into dull looking skin. 

The product has SPF20. You should avoid this base if you're having flash photography due to flash back. I have N0.1 Which is Light Beige - I'm sure they only have two shades though. There isn't scent to this product. The formulation is slightly thicker than normal foundations but on the skin you cannot feel it at all. It isn't heavy or tacky. It leaves your skin so light and breathable. The packaging is maroon and chocolate brown which is pretty. The actual label is cute, kind of antique. You get 45ml which is more than you'd normally get. 

Skinfood has other BB Creams available for different skin types - Peach Green Tea for Oil Control, Aloe for Radiant Skin, Mushroom Multi Care, Peach Sake Pore for helping pores and lots more! There's something for everything in the Skinfood range. I buy there products off eBay - I know there are a lot of fakes around but you need to do your research and check they have the correct seals. Their skincare is also amazing! I highly recommend trying this. I've bought two of these - one I am currently using and one as a back up. If you test it out and like it, buying another as a back up ensures when you run out you have plenty of time to receive another. This product is around £7-£8 which is a brilliant price considering Bourjois foundations come in around £7-£10. 

Note:- I am now going to add mini videos onto some blog posts to give you all an overview of the product and swatches - What do you all think?

Have you tried Skinfood before?
What's your thoughts on BB creams?
What's your favourite drugstore foundation?

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