Giving Thanks;

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hello Lovelies;

Every year me and Alec get spoilt with presents. Normally we'd give thanks in person or call if family and friends don't live so close. This year me and Alec are writing little thank you notes and spending them off. I thought it would be a cute idea and even though Alec is only 2 and cannot write luckily there's 'mummy translation' at hand.

I picked up these cute typewriter note cards from John Lewis - I wanted to pick note card that weren't too seasonal. I love these though and I am finding it hard to actually give these away - I'd happily put these up on my wall they're just so pretty! I hope the people I give these to feel the same way as they're able to keep them and they'd look lovely in their home with Alec's little thank you drawing.

The 'Hello' cards are from Paperchase - They're all the same design with a mint green colour and gold speech bubble. These are also really cute, maybe not as 'keepable' - (new word invented!) as the Polaroid note cards but they are cute and I would keep this in my office as I still think they're cute and fit in with a certain design.

Both of these designs are blank and you can write whatever message you want in them to make someone smile. I am so so happy that I purchased these and with getting 10-20 in a pack means you have plenty to give out and a few spare for 'giving thanks' or 'Get well soon' etc..

The bottom polaroid's are not the same at the 'typerwritter' ones in the top images - These bottom ones have a gloss finish a lot like a normal polaroid does, but I wouldn't recommend them. They're all different from shoes, balloons, holding apples but in all honesty the quality isn't as clear, and the images are just not as nice. I picked the nicest images to show you all, but the others I'm not all that keen on. These are called 'Polaroid Notes.' These and the typewriter ones are both by a lady called 'Jenifer Altman' who has beautiful photo's but I'm not happy with some of the other ones..

I hope you enjoyed this short post - I am sorry I haven't been writing posts a lot over Christmas. I will be back with products, posts and lots more for you all regularly!

Thanks, Casey xo 


  1. These cards are so adorable! You almost wouldn't want to give them away xx

  2. The Polaroid Notes cards are adorable!

    Emily //

    1. Thank you, Honey. Paperchase have some lovely cards xx

  3. Hi, Maybe want follow each other? If yes, just follow me and i follow you back. :)

  4. Wow, these are the cutest photos! "I think, therefore I blog"- very clever indeed; we think the same way!


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