My Beauty Essentials (skincare & make up);

Monday, 19 January 2015

Hello Lovelies;

This post is a little different and it's my beauty essentials. These are products I reach for daily - I may not always use my concealer, mascara or brow gel but I wouldn't really leave the house without these three make up products on my face (that was a lie, I do when I am travelling but only via car travel). 

My favourite, holy grail body moisturiser is the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion - This is an amazing moisturiser that gets rid of dry skin that's flakey, scaly, broken and it helps my eczema a lot. I use this multiple times a day all over my body and it can also work on my face. This sinks in straight away and it isn't greasy, thick or leaves your skin feeling tacky. It's a great product for everyones skin as it isn't too heavy but highly effective. For a facia moisturiser I've recently started using the A-Derma Epitheliale A.H - This is my go to for morning and evening moisturising. It's for 'upset skin' which is my is as I am prone to eczema on my face and a lot of products flare it up. This has been really helping and leaves my skin lovely and soft without being heavy. The last skincare Item I have for you all is the Nuxe Reve Miel lip balm  - This is holy grail for me I used to get eczema flare up on my lips a heck of a lot before using this. This is matte so I can apply all over my lips without vasaline lips - It does have a waxy thick texture but it really does work on my lips. I wouldn't be without this. I lost it and felt so lost - This is the 20th edition packaging (they also have it in green and yellow). I also think this is great for males that get chapped lips because it is matte and not detectable - it looks like you just naturally have soft and lovely lips.

Make up time....I have three products that I always turn to. The Clarins Instant Concealer is another holy grail product of mine - I don't just swing the 'holy grail' name around. I've tried NARS, Origins, Bobbi Brow, Bourjois, Maybelline etc.. concealer and this is the best at correcting my dark circles and concealing. I wouldn't be without this now. It's so natural looking just like you've got perfect under eyes - I bought this on Vivannadoesmakeup's recommendation and yeah, this is one product I've tried due to a YouTuber that I'm really thankful for! My brows are something I've always hated - I hate everything about brows because mine are so bushy, grow quickly and they aren't naturally even and when threaded they aren't even either - I'm like a child with a crayon when drawing them on so using the Benefit Gimme Brow which is a fibre gel to create little hairs is just perfect. I CANNOT leave the house without my brows being done I am currently growing them out so get them threaded again so fingers cross they don't make my brows look like sperm...again! Finally is my favourite mascara and it's the Max Factor Clump Defy in Waterproof - Ofc I need waterproof with living in the UK. This grips the last and adds length and volume. This is my favourite mascara in the drugstore and high end shops. I always need a bit of mascara - though I can leave the out without it on but I do prefer it to none. 

What are your essentials? 
Do you use any of these?
Do you have any holy grail essentials?


  1. Aveeno is so nourishing and nurturing to the skin! ^ ^

    1. Agreed! It's the best body moisturiser I've found. xx

  2. I need to try that Clarins concealer! I heard so many great things about it! Never tried Max Factor I just found one product to give a go :) My essential is Bioderma Sébium moisturizer xx

    Mary Bloomy

    1. It's holy grail for me ^.^ It's a great dupe of the Benefit Roller Lash. I haven't tried the Sébium Moisturiser - I'll have to take a peep at it. xx


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