Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Duo (Candlelight & Sculpting);

Monday, 9 February 2015

Hello Lovelies;

Even though contouring isn't a step I'd normally do daily (though my chubby cheeks need it), it was always annoying trying to find a good shade for my pale complexion - I decided to pick up the Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight and Sculpting Creamy Glow Duo. This is a cream version of the original candlelight highlighter and sculpting contour powder. 

The product itself is VERY compact. You get 4.5g for £22.50 - it does seem pretty pricey for the product, but you're getting a contour and highlight in one and you need very little of the product. The sculpting powder is 3.1g's for £35 and the same for the candlelight highlighter. I do love how compact it is as there isn't any unusable brush or any added packaging. It does have a decent size mirror in it. 

The product itself is very cream - The candlelight highlighter gives the perfect amount of sheen and just looks gorgeous on the skin. It's very bendable and just melts. There isn't any shimmer or glitter particles. The contour shade is gorgeous - it adds a lovely fake cheekbone shadow to your cheeks. Even though it's a cream it has a matte finish which is key to making contour shades look natural. Even though it's very pigmented it blends in beautifully and just leaves a sheer colour that sculpts your face.  

I'd rate this product 9/10 - Just purely because I think cream products are more difficult to work with (personally) when it comes to contouring. I love cream highlights though. This product does take getting used to but once you've got it you can easily apply this with your fingers and blend (or use a blending brush). In you're in the market for a cream highlight/contour I'd highly recommend it. You get a lot more for your money than buying them individually. 

Do you use a contour/highlight?
What's your go to product for highlighting/sculpting?
Do you prefer a cream or powder product?


  1. Had no idea the duo was cheaper which is amazing! The shades look gorgeous and I can see them already working wonders! For such high rate it must be great!! Something to try in the future :)

    Mary Bloomy

    1. I've got the powder version now, tbh I prefer them. ^.^ xx


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