7 Fitness Tips;

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


 Hello Lovelies;

I thought I'd throw in few tips for fitness into a post for you - I've learnt a lot since having Alec and not only getting my pre-pregnancy body back but improving. Everyone does things differently - they go dairy free, meat free etc....These are personally a few tips I've learnt and I am still learning, so any tips you have, please leave them below!

1- Know your body type - Knowing your body type allows you to know what to do to reach your goals. These are 'Ectomorph' 'Mesomorph' or Endomorph' My body doesn't store fat, so me toning is more difficult (muscle is basically fat) and I need help with protein and eating enough cals to tone up. Know your body type!

2- Know your goals - Now you know your body type, know what your goals are - you probably know  your goals before even knowing your body type. Do you want to lose weight, tone etc...?

3- No sugar before exercise - Sugar helps produce insulin which stores fat. If you're wanting to lose weight sugar will keep fat on. This is also sugar included in fruit...Some people go sugar fee as your body isn't meant to process sugar or gluten - try kick both out your diet.

4- It's more your diet than exercise - eat lean food, cut out sugar, gluten etc.. There are essential fats your body needs but there are things your body shouldn't process.

5- Detoxes don't work - Fruit, as previously said has a lot of sugar which stores fat. Unless you keep with your detoxes they won't work, and by keep you need to carry them on for years and years.

6- Drink plenty of water - whatever your goals are, you need to drink water. I need to do this...I never do .-.

7- No gym needed - You don't need to go to the gym to get fitter. Some people need to do it to concentrate but they can also make excuses not to go. There's a whole world you can use to keep fit - Riding bikes, swimming, running etc...

So, that's a basic round up. I hope this has helped some of you achieve some goals.

What are your goals?
Do you have any fitness tips?
Are you currently into fitness/what to get into fitness?


  1. I love running at the moment, I'm not really out to lose weight or anything I just think it's a great way to clear your head and (unlike the gym) it's free!


    1. Agree, M'dear! Sometimes you just need to have some 'me time' and getting healthy whilst doing it is never a bad thing. Gyms are always so busy and noisy. Some people are more motivated though.

  2. Great stomach! I need to get motivated - after work it's always the last thing I want to do. However with lighter evenings I always feel more up for being productive so I need to give it a try xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. Thank you, Honey ^.^ It is difficult after a hard day at work to go and workout. Balance is the key. xx


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