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Friday, 17 April 2015

Hey Lovelies;
 I was lucky to attend the #HHbloggerevent (Hothair blogger event) at the Renaissance Hotel. The event was covering hair pieces, extensions and wigs, which, as a cosplayer made me very excited! 

The event was very relaxed and I met a lot of new faces from the bloggers/YouTubers. The ladies hosting the event were very informative and attentive - all the other attendants had an amazing time (though Barbie got sent to the wrong room. Tbf, they weren't so sure when I mentioned the event at the front desk)

They had different products at the event - Pony tails, which Katie and Laura looked stunning in, Wigs - Adam is styling above, hair extensions which were my personal favourite and more! All the products were amazing quality and a thousand times better than any other wigs I've used for cosplay in the past. There are special products - Synovation which are used to maintain the hair, as well as using a tangle teezer very lightly. The products were very easy to put in yourself which is the real test! The clipped in or slipped on securely without moving so there isn't any worry of it moving out of place. 

We also talked not about the beauty' side, but also the prosthesis side, which is used in health care for those who have lost their hair due to treatment or a certain diagnosis. It was lovely to talk to all the ladies hosting the event that are so passionate about their work. As they said, it isn't about vanity - they're councillors as well...I know my hairdresser has heard some stories from me! 

I had a lovely time at the event and their cocktail (which I shouldn't have really drank after not drinking for a year - lightweight) was delicious! I do have a few special mentions - Hothair, for actually allowing me to attend your event which, all the amazing bloggers that attended the event and a few that I loved talking to and made the night very enjoyable - Katie of KatieGuilding, Adam of #NOTlistening, Angelica of One Little Vice and Barbie of Let's Talk About Beauty and the photographer of the event, Lix of A Classic Notion. We also got treated to an amazing goody bag by the event sponsors - I know I'm not allowed to hair favourite, but how gorgeous is this ring by Violet Plum?! I'll be doing posts on this ring, and a few other event sponsors soon!

If you'd like to read more about the event, Lix has a beautiful write up and Adam, who brings a male perceptive on beauty and fashion (who's also a Felicity Smoak lookalike) both have amazing posts on their 'sites.

 Have you ever tried a hair piece, wig or extensions?
Would you pick a different hair style, or completely different colour?
What's your views on hair pieces, wigs etc..?


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time! And that venue looks fab. Who can resist a good cocktail?
    Love Lucinda xx

  2. Looks like a great event and a lovely ring I agree.

  3. This looks so much fun, and what a beautiful venue too.


    1. It was one of the best events I'd attended xx


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