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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hello Lovelies;

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Last month I noticed how dry my nails were. I assumed just using a hand cream would keep my nails moisturised as well, but no dice! I've found the perfect three products/steps to actually keep my hands and nails soft, hydrated and looking healthy. 

Firstly is a good hand cream - This is the step that will keep your hands hydrated. I actually have three hand creams that I love - I went through a hand cream phase and bought too many...Firstly is a product I got in the latest 'My little box' - The Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream - This is a light, white cream that has an orange scent to it. It sinks in quickly so no greasy hands and just leaves you with soft hands. Next is my most used hand cream, I actually have 4 different types - you can get these in scents. L'Occitane Hand Cream is a lot thicker than the Caudalie version. As mentioned, you can get different types. If you don't like scents they have the original Dry Skin Hand Cream with 20% Shea Butter - My favourite scented one is the Mango Flower version - smells so good! Lastly is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream; Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment. This is different in texture, more like a silicon primer (gel, cream hybrid). All of these creams are very moisturising and sink in straight away so you can carry on with your day. 

Strengthen your nails - The OPI Nail Envy is a go to product for me - I always, always use it. If I am wearing polish, I apply this under my base coat, and when I'm not I wear it anyway to give them a boost. You can get a matte version but I like the healthy shine this gives to your nails. This strengthens your nails - I've mentioned before that my mum, nan and sister use this and they aren't really into beauty - it really does work and I highly recommend it to re-strenghten your nails. I've gone through 2 big bottles and just finished it so I am now using my little travel one. 

Lastly is a cuticle oil/treatment. I have a pen for on-the-go application and a bottle to apply at home. The Leighton Denny Slick Tips Touch and Go Cuticle Oil is just, amazing. I never realised how much of a difference using a cuticle oil would make. This is perfect to use as it isn't an oily oil. You can apply and massage it in. It has a lovely lemon scent like the Burts Bees Lemon Butter... This softens your cuticles, gets rid of any dryness and leaves no residue. I've been eyeing up the OPI on the go ones for when this one finishes. For more at home, I have the CND Solar Oil which is raved about in the beauty world. This is smells like marzipan which is a nightmare as it's my weakness. I tend to use this at home because it doesn't dry as quickly as as the Leighton Denny oil. This is great as a more intensive version after you've done your nails. You apply this with a brush, like a normal nail varnish I prefer the pen like application as I don't have to worry about spilling it. 

After doing these steps for the past few months my nails look so healthy and I feel they grow a lot quicker. My cuticles and nail beds aren't dry and they're easier to manage. It's probably one of those things where you'll notice a difference more, though I find when my nails are painted they do just look more professional and well treated. 

Do you use a hand cream, nail strengthener or nail oil?
What's your go to hand product?
Are you into nail care?


  1. Thx for sharing thse great tips with us.

  2. Hey,
    I really like your Blog. Interesting Posts! Do you want to support each other and follow via Bloglovin & GFC? That would be so cool and I hope we stay in touch. :)

    Greetings, Sophia xx
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    1. Hey Sophia,

      I love your blog ^.^ following xx

  3. Fab post, I love the OPI Nail Envy is really started off longer and thicker nails for me :) One thing I like to do also is give them regular trims and cutting them right down as I always have polish on my nails with them being so long so end up looking quite yellow but feel like if I cut them every month or so it gives the nail chance to grow again and look healthy :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. That's such a great tip! I found mine were goin yellow even with using a base coat. I shall add that into my routine as well. Thanks, Honey xx

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