An Outfit Drop; The Date Night;

Friday, 22 May 2015

Hello Lovelies;

I am really sorry I haven't been frequently posting due to personal issues. I am going to be starting these little 'outfit drop' posts - These are either OOTD or an occasional one that is just simple and still interesting (I hope) for you all to read. 

I am going to progress these posts and add make up in, shoes and bags (they should probably be in this post as well tbh). Right now, it is a nice way to keep connecting with you all and give you all some content. I am sorry if the quality isn't as expected. 

Today's outfit is a simple date night one...

I wore:-

 Simple super skinny jeans, these are from Primark - Around £12..You can wear whatever black skinny jeans you like. 

My top is from Next - I bought it a few days ago and it is still for sale online and I assume in most Next stores..The size I have is 10..I am usually a 6/8 so I am going to order this online and try the smaller sizes. This was £14 and I love 

My leather jacket is from H&M - I have has it for a good few years and it's still going strong...I should probably get another as too many people know me for wearing a leather jacket 95% of the time...

So, yeah..This is my date night outfit. I paired it with some some ankle boots and a black small bag or clutch. My make up was simple. Smokey eye and a nude lip (Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink). I am not much of a dress girl as I don't suit them..I find black skinny jeans still look smart and fit in well with a date night. 

What do you wear on a date night? 
Do you prefer dresses or jeans?
Do you go for flats or heels?


  1. I love that top - the neckline is really stylish.


  2. Adore this outfit! The jacket is lovely - leather jackets are so in! I've just read 3 blog posts and everyone's wearing them! I need to wear mine more! xx

    Jasmine ||

    1. I am addicted to mine! I wear it too often. Should really get another xD xx

  3. my husband is very specific to what he likes, so on date nights I wear dresses, heels, not a lot of makeup but a raspberry lip colour he loves, and loose hair.
    your outfits is great! I enjoy it!

    1. Thank you lovely! I don't know anyone that has such specifics to wear on a date night.

  4. I love that jacket.


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