The Origins Facial Brush - Best £5 I've spent!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Hello Lovelies;

My face is so sensitive and exfoliating is a pain..I do have dry skin, so it's a must. I cannot use a bead or chemical exfoliant so when I saw the Origins Facial Brush I was going to try anything and I am so glad I did!

These range for £4.50 (cheapest I've seen) to £wish. You can get them in green, orange, yellow and blue. I purchased mine from Feel unique and it stated I couldn't pick the shade. I got green which I don't really mind. I love the shade range as it's unisex as a pose to the Soap and Glory pink option. 

This is a manual version of the Clarasonic and all the other options out there..This is great for me having very sensitive skin as it isn't too harsh. the bristles are so so soft and it works perfectly with my Cetaphil gentle cleanser. I do use it every night, or every other night with my skincare depending on how my skin is doing. 

I would highly recommend it. You can add it as part of your routine every night instead of adding an extra exfoliating step. It's done my skin the world of good and it's a lot softer and more even. For £5 you cannot go wrong at all!

It's my new favourite skincare product to use. 

Have you tried a facial brush?
Would you buy this?
What's your favourite skincare item? 


  1. I have a similar one from Yves Rocher, and find these manual brushes a great option, too! I think it is generally less harmful, esp when you have a sensitive skin. Nice review!

    1. I've tried the Auto ones and they are too harsh for my sensitive skin. I adore this one though.

  2. I once tried one of this kind of brushes and it did not much for my skin. It was actually painful to use. Maybe I need to give this one a try as it sounds great and not harmful at all! xx

    Mary Bloomy

    1. These are worth giving a try. They're a lot more gentle on your skin ☺️ Xx


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