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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hello Lovelies;

Today's overlook is at one of the most luxe make up brands from the lady herself, Charlotte Tilbury. I haven't been fortunate to try all her products, but I thought I would share my favourites from what I have..(basically, I've loved everything I have tried)

The CT Light Wonder Youth Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation SPF15 - has been a go to foundation for me for the last few months. It's got more coverage than a a tinted moisturiser but it is still a sheer tint. I adore this as it's more of a satin finish. I wouldn't say it gives a lot of glow, but it doesn't leave your face flat which I love. The packaging is high end and very lightweight..Perfect for travel! 

Charlotte has made eye crayons simple...She's made the Colour Chameleons for every eye colour...Day and night. Sound amazing? They are. The one shown is Dark Pearl for brown eyes (day) and it's perfect. It's a taupe brown with a purple undertone which is perfect for brown eyes...I want to try a few of the shades for different eye colours to see how they work. She hit the nail on the head with these. 

The Rock n Khol Iconic Liquid Eye Pencils are so, so, so gorgeous! I have Barbella Brown which is a darker brown than MAC Teddy - It goes on place with a few seconds to play around before it sets and doesn't move...Just like the colour chameleons. They have a great shade range. They don't drag at all and yeah...They're my go to. I've been using them over my Urban Decay ones which says a lot!

Lastly is her lipsticks...The Kissing range and Matte Revolution are amazing! The matte ones aren't drying and just look and feel so comfortable. They're my go to matte lipsticks and so are the Kissing ones. I use Penelope Pink basically daily as a 'my lips but better' shade. The packaging is rose gold and is so gorgeous I think every girl needs a CT lipstick in her lip.  They are more expensive than MAC but well worth it.

Have you tried CT?
What would you buy next or try?
What do you like most about the brand?


  1. Thanks for this post! I've never tried her range but I really want to! X

  2. This brand looks ace! I never heard of it! I need to check it out! Great post lovely! Love the images!

  3. This brand looks ace! I never heard of it! I need to check it out! Great post lovely! Love the images!


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