5 September Favourites;

Friday, 25 September 2015

Hello lovelies;

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe that September has come to an end. I haven't done a monthly favourites in so long, not that I haven't written the post out, just when it comes to photography, if it isn't right I won't post it..I've decided to only stick with 5 favourites so you know I really love the products. 

I only have a 'sample' size of the Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay, which means I have been using if for more special occasions but I adore it. I already own too many perfumes so I don't buy another until I use one up. This is just a gorgeous fresh and floral scent - I am a big fan of floral and fig scents. One of the best things is that it lasts for ages on you..You can smell it hours after and I love that! I'm half way through so I really need to limit my use. 

The colder weather and washing up does a number on my hands..I sound old, but it just dries my hands out. I love the Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream to just moisturise them and it's the only thing that really works and makes them feel nourished. It does have a strong scent for a few minutes which smells like Vicks...I was really apprehensive about using it at first; sensitive skin! It does sink in quickly though. 

Autumn/Winter is back, well, it never left. I've seen a lot more autumnal make up and with that, berry lips! I'm a big fan of berry lips, I happily wear them during the winter but I do love them with big fluffy jumpers and layered clothing. I've been wearing the Charlotte Tilbury Love Liberty Matte Rev' lipstick a lot over the past month..I do have a little dupe for you all coming soon and some other autumnal lips. This is just a gorgeous berry lipstick and it's so creamy for a matte. 

The Maybelline Browsatin is a duo eyebrow product - A powder on one side and a pencil on the other. I'm not a fan of the pencil to be honest, but I love the powder. I do the outline of my brows with S&G Archery and fill it in with the powder. It's a nice duo, but I find them pencil is too harsh and not thin enough to be precise. The powder applicator could be thinner but I can work with that. 

Lastly is another sample, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Powder is a weird choice..I have dry skin, really dry skin but this is really perfect for me. If I use a liquid foundation it reacts with my eczema 9/10..This doesn't. I can lightly powder this over my face and it counteracts the redness and just gives a hit of cover that I want..I've never been a fan of high coverage, but just a light coverage, maybe a bit of concealer if my skin is good and I'm happy. 

What's your monthly favourites?
Do we share any favoueites? 
Would you try any of these?


  1. love that lip color


  2. I'm so desperate to try out a Jo Malone perfume, I always hear fantastic things about them, maybe I'll get lucky at Xmas! Great favourites! xx

  3. That red lipstick is gorgeous, perfect for Autumn! I love it! xx



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