A Quick treat; Lemon Cheesecake

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hello Lovelies;

Lemon Cheesecakes are possibly my favourite desert. They minutes to make - I am very plain and simple and I do things quickly..I wanted to share with you all. With the festival seasons coming up, who doesn't want a lovely desert that's quick and easy to make?

You need:-

Whipped Cream
Digestive biscuits
Lemon Curd
Caster Sugar
Any toppings you fancy.
Bowl to Mix
Hand/electric whisk (For whipped cream)
Containers to serve/store cheesecakes

Firstly you need to crush your digestive biscuits for a base..You can use a mixture of digestive biscuits and ginger nuts if you prefer (I sometimes do). You can use a rolling pin to crush them up..Old Skool, or us an electric blender and put them in your container. Next up is putting lemon curd on top of your base..How much or little you want. 

Put your whipped cream into a bowl and whisk using electric or handheld until it's thickened - put a tea spoon of caster sugar and mix to make the cream a little sweeter. Place the whipped cream on top of your lemon curd and finally you can add whatever topping you want. The top picture has white chocolate stars on and the top has mini meringues both are cake toppings from Tesco which can dress  it up how you want. 

What's your favourite desert?
Do you make your own or buy it?
Do you like cheesecakes?


  1. This looks like an amazing desert! I am a big fan of deserts :)

  2. This sounds like a great little recipe! I must give it to my sister as she's obsessed with cheesecake and that isn't even an exaggeration!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!


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