How I take my IG pictures;

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hello Lovelies;

Today's post is all about how I take my Instagram pictures. It's only recently I've made my IG more blog orientated and put less 'personal' images on there to try and keep up the quality. I wanted to share with you all how I take my images...

I take the opportunity to take IG pictures when I can and I use my Canon 600D to keep the quality high and being able to use my Tripod and Canon remote to take outfit and handsfree images. The bottom two images was taken with my tripod and remote which work really well as a weirder OOTD and a look at the jewellery pick of the day. 

After I've taken the images on my SLR I transfer the memory card into my Canon S120 which has a wifi option which is connected to my phone and that's it! The images are clear and good quality and doesn't take as long as it sounds. When I do it when I am blogging, or take the images and wait to upload it when I'm free they're still there to keep my IG updated.

Once uploaded onto my iPhone there's a few apps, Enlight, Facetune and VSCOcam which are my go to. Facetune is good at removing unwanted things from your image, to brighten them, smooth and defocus. Enlight can do what was mentioned, but I like it for the filters, clarify and meme option more xD VSCOcam is solely filters. You can find a filter for any ocassion if the quality is good enough.  I'm not saying filter and edit the hell out of your images, but a little doesn't hurt.

Finally I upload and tag the hell out of them..I find this helps people gain awareness of your page and blog. If you want to follow me, check me out HERE P.s. I also love the IG Arden filter! 

What do you take your IG pictures on?
Do you edit them?
What's your username?
Is it more blog orientated or personal?


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous. And I'm certainly keen to check out facetune. The helpful post :) Thanks.

  2. I love your instagram

  3. Your pictures are really good, so clear and appealing and the lighting looks great. I so want to learn how to take better photos too. Thanks for sharing your tips,.

  4. I so need a posh camera! I love facetune aswell! X

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. I use my iPhone and usually it's bad lighting, my account is personal and if I need a blog related picture I use my DSLR and email the picture to myself, save to my phone and upload. I don't edit IG pics.


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