Review: Stella Artois Cidre - Peach and Elderflower;

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hello Lovelies;

I am very fussy with alcoholic drinks, one thing I do enjoy is a gorgeous flavoured Cidre (Not Cider) drink. I was lucky enough to be sent two of the Cidre's from Stella Artois drink collection*. These fruity cider's are perfect accompaniment to a warm summers day, a social gathering or just to sit in front on the TV enjoying a movie.

I tried both the Peach and Elderflower flavours. Peach* was defiantly my favourite and I will be purchasing it again. As you would expect it has a fruity and floral peach flavour, it's very refreshing..As my partner said 'you can drink it like water.' I'm not a big drinker at all, but this was a drink that I would happily sit in a beer garden and enjoy (maybe when it gets warmer). I love that it's a bit sweeter. A lot of cider's aren't very sweet and have a malt flavour which isn't my thing. There's no complains from me for this drink.

The second flavour was Elderflower* - This wasn't my person favourite, but my partner tried it and loved it! I think you do need to live elderflower to enjoy this drink. It isn't a favourite of mine. He loved the drink though and simply said it tasted like 'Elderflower.' For me it had a more malt flavouring first with an elderflower after taste. He gave it praise, so if you like elderflower I highly recommend you try it.

What's clear about these drinks is that they do have a very natural taste and are very refreshing. They have a gorgeous fruity taste and fit in perfectly with their Cidre range  - They also have Pear, Raspberry, and Apple. I really want to try these other flavours as I enjoy these foods day to day.

Do you drink Cider?
What flavour(s) would you pick?
What's your alcoholic drink of choice (if any)?


  1. Ooh this sounds lovely. I don't really like alcohol but I have a soft spot for fruity ciders! xxx

  2. I absolutely love ciders and could drink them over any other types of alcoholic drinks but I am yet to try these two.

  3. The peach sounds nice but I am not very keen on the taste of elderflower.


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