Lime Crime Velvetine Wicked (First Impressions);

Friday, 22 January 2016

Hello Lovelies;

I've wanted to purchased the Lime Crime Velvetine's for a while but did and on Christmas I put my first order in on Lovemakeup - They come it just over £13 -with postage added it's around £16 which, if it isn't in your budget it seems like a lot. I personally think they're worth every penny. 

The shade itself is a wine that's got a brown undertone - It's a gorgeous colour and Wicked is a very fitted name. I've wanted to get a dark berry/wine/red lipstick/liquid lipstick that lasted and till now they all lasted about an hour, and this lasted 11.17am - 6pm..Pretty damn good I would say! I applied the middle around 2pm because I always worry it'll rub off when I go out and I'm amazed!

the product is liquid and kinda runny - it dries down to a matte - You do need to give it that drying time or it will fade and smudge. I ate and drank with it without no transferring! It can feel a bit drying on the lips. I didn't scrub mine before hand, but I did use a good lip balm and it was cool. It wasn't as comfortable as other lipsticks - It wasn't bad but I could feel it on my lips whilst other lipsticks I own feel invisible. 

The packaging is gorgeous. Roses seem very old style and I think it fits with all the amazing natural, nude, bright, dark and bold shades. Theres something for everyone in this line!

Have you tried Lime crime?
What's your favourite liquid lipstick?
Do you go for bold, bright or natural?


  1. I haven't tried but but I love the packaging and it looks so pigmented!

  2. I've never tried Lime Crime before, but I love the colour - gorgeous! :)

  3. wow !!This is so me ! i think I may order it . I heard of Lime Crime but never tried their product before, thanks for your review.

  4. ps: I am following you on Google Connect Friend, pls follow back.

  5. Great post, that lip product looks awesome.

  6. The colour is really gorgeous <3 shame about the company scandal though! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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