How to get a better night sleep;

Friday, 5 May 2017

Hello Lovelies;

I'm pretty sure you've all heard the term 'beauty sleep,' before - well I thought I would write a little post about how I sleep and how I have learnt to get a better nights rest. 

I am a working mum - I do nights so when I do sleep I cherish every second. I found there are some great ways to help you settled down and feel more rested. 

First thing I do is plan the day ahead as much as I can the night before - Clothes ready (weather permitting), bags ready, lunch etc...I think it allows you to feel more relaxed at night and in the morning as you haven't got to wake up earlier and cram 50 things into your morning before work, school runs etc... 

I roughly get around 8 hours sleep every night - planning to go to bed for a certain time helps your body get into a routine, just as it does when you have to get up in the morning. I start getting ready for bed around 9.30, and I'm in bed for 10 so I can get up at 7 when my alarm goes off. 

I do struggle to fall asleep, I am a worrier, so as I mentioned planning ahead helps, but I also have a diffuser in my room, one that I can put essential oils in which makes the room smell lovely and relaxing without worrying about a candle perhaps. My favourite relaxing scent is peppermint - though everyone has a different one - I know my mum loves using Lavender to relax. 

Having a 4 year old who does still wake in the night, does mean my sleep gets broken. He usually falls back asleep but (this is a mummy tip...) I get used to his routine. You tend to know why your kids wake up, and Alec does go to the bathroom in the night but not alone, so when he's unsettled I know it's either 'bathroom, wants a drink....' it's usually those two things - there are exceptions where maybe he's ill or having a bad night, but just making sure he has a bottle, goes to the bathroom before he goes to bed just makes up both sleep better. 

Exercise - It's a proven fact that the more you exercise and do in the day, it's easier to fall asleep. Swimming and even walking are simple exercises that can help you sleep a lot better. 

Adjustamatic is also a great way to help you sleep a lot better. Being able to adjust your bed to suit whatever position you're in leads for a comfier and all round better sleep.  It also helps a lot if you suffer from back pain, neck pain etc..

How do you sleep?
Do you have any tips on how to get a better night sleep?

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